Who are we?

“We are Food Sharing Stockholm!”

A new community-based organisation working on establishing foodsharing in Stockholm. Inspired by similar organisations such as those in Gothenberg, Copenhagen and across Germany, we facilitate and promote sharing food which won’t be used. We do this by collecting unsold products from food business such as grocery stores to share in public fridges or at sharing events. This way, we raise awareness of the scale of food waste and establish a concrete solution to the problem based on solidarity, while also eating delicious food and having a good time.  We think that everyone and anyone can be involved in saving and sharing food, so we welcome anyone interested to get involved.

Volunteers (Foodsharers) at one of the pickups.

What is food sharing?

Food sharing is a democratic movement against food waste that focuses on the redistribution of surplus food without monetary exchange. Fighting an industry that systematically wastes food, food sharing gives more than just access to free food, it gives visibility to the issue of food waste and the opportunity to get involved in community-centred activism. Join us!

Rescued food prepared to be distributed.